DigiDNA iMazing 2.10.4 MacOSX Full Version [Latest]

DigiDNA iMazing

DigiDNA iMazing

DigiDNA iMazing – is the program which created in order to give you control over your iPhone or iPod device. you can access them as any external storage devices. If not all components are installed on your system, then they will have to be downloaded separately, but you can do it at the time of installing this software, iTunes is required.

DigiDNA iMazing gives you the opportunity to take advantage of some functions:

  • Copy the file from the device to the computer,
  • Copy the folder to the computer,
  • Create a folder,
  • Delete the files from the device,
  • Copy the files from the computer to the device.
  • Transfer files to as well as from an iOS device, and browse the iOS file system.
  • Use your iOS device like an external drive.
  • Browse as well as save messages (SMS, MMS, iMessage), voicemails, and call logs, none of which iTunes can do.
  • Browse, save, as well as add contacts to your iPhone, without automatically adding them to your iCloud account.
  • Manage multiple backups of the same iOS device as well as restore from any one (similar to Time Machine for iOS).
  • And other amazing things you never thought possible!

The program can work with photos, notes, videos, applications.

DigiDNA iMazing

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