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Eassos System Restore

In case of hardware failures or system infection, AN application like Eassos System Restore could be a life savior. Its purpose is to assist you make a backup of the whole OS, so you’ll be able to restore it to a completely useful state should something go wrong.

Eassos System Restore Feature:

Effortlessly backup your OS
One of the foremost impressing options of System Restore is easy to use, despite its rather troublesome & vital ‘mission’ of securing your personal files.

Its interface is practically split in 2, comprising one button for acting backups and also the different dedicated to restoring the OS to a previous state. no matter the chosen task, you’re radio-controlled through all the required steps by an easy wizard with intelligible and accessible choices

Create password-protected system backups
Eassos System Restore saves the backup files to a freshly created partition, provided enough cupboard space is on the market. you’ll be able to outline the scale of the backup partition & assign a brief comment to every backup, for easier identification.

For security functions, the access to the backup section are often password-protected thus on stop unauthorized modifications. you’ll be able to exclude files that do not have to be saved, like the Recycle Bin content, cached web-pages or temporary files.

During backup, Eassos System Restore are often additional to the Windows boot menu. creating it easier for you to recover a created OS image. As an alternative, you’ll be able to install it to a replacement hidden partition & press F11 to access it before Windows boots.

Restore Windows to a working state
Eassos System Restore could be a smart backup and restore resolution for your package, providing a straightforward thanks to keep your files and folders safe. it’s somewhat the same as Windows restore points, however provides customizable choices and a easy interface to figure with.


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