Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Cracked [Latest]

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Malwarebytes AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner is a free program that searches for and removes adware in a web browser, toolbars, potentially unwanted programs (PUP) and hijacker utilities from your computer. With AdwCleaner you can easily remove many of these types of programs for quiet work on your computer and on the Internet.

Removing annoying toolbars, plug-ins for browsers installed with or without your consent, as well as programs for displaying unwanted advertisements and hijacker utilities that reconfigure the browser’s start page, can be quite difficult work, especially when there is no convenient and effective tool at hand.

The program AdwCleaner is specifically designed to help users get rid of these types of malicious and unwanted software. The application is characterized by a small size and ease of use. AdwCleaner can run absolutely from any data carrier, including portable, the program does not require installation. Once launched, the utility automatically checks for traces of unwanted components or remnants of the old settings that are to be cleaned.

 AdwCleaner  Feature:

Changes in the version:
New functions
• Added the ability to save the current window size and restore it the next time you start
• AdwCleaner will now use the settings file in the same folder as the AdwCleaner.exe executable file – it allows you to exchange it over the network or using a USB- devices of flash-memory.
• Added the ability to display the debug log in the settings
• Added a new poll, will you recommend AdwCleaner to other users
• AdwCleaner now takes into account the presence of the client MBES

• When switching tabs, the checked state of quarantined objects is preserved
• Improved detection using the DownloadProtect technology

Errors fixes
• Added translations for on / off in the settings
• Fixes and updates of common detections
• Fixed memory leaks
• Fixed various interface problems
• Database updated to version 2018.06.19.1


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