WinZip Courier 9.0 With Crack Full Version [Latest]

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WinZip Courier

WinZip Courier

This software is the leading solution for emailing large files, equipped with easy-to-use compression / decompression technology. You will get fast update from cracks4win as soon as it release from the developer.

WinZip Courier Crack Features:

– Bypassing email message size restrictions.
– Simple compression as well as attachment encryption ensures data integrity.
– File transfer via email through leading cloud services – without distracting from current work.
– Converting to PDF, watermarking as well as resizing images.

Transfer large files
Be sure to send large files by email. Courier works with email services, including Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail,, Office 365 and Zoho. The program automatically compresses large attachments, so you do not need to worry about restrictions. on the size of email messages, errors when sending them and returning unsent files.

Privacy protection
Protect sensitive attachments with passwords and strong AES encryption. Courier also provides FIPS 140 support (when used with WinZip Enterprise). Erasing / destroying temporary files ensures the safety of attachments when sent by e-mail.

Convert and transfer files
The program provides easy-to-use file conversion functions of Microsoft Office to PDF. File conversion can be done simultaneously with compression. In addition, the conversion can be applied to a single uncompressed attachment for instant data transfer.

File transfer via cloud services
If even after compression, the file size is still too big to sent by email, Courier will automatically upload the file to ZipShare or any of the connected cloud services and add a link to it in your email. To extract the file to the recipient, simply click on the link.

Fast and easy sending of large MP3 files
More efficient (by 15-20%) compression of MP3 files allows you to reduce the amount of MP3 attachments and send in a shorter time-frame from any mail platform.

Winzip Courier Offline Installer

Decide for yourself which files to compress and which to leave as is!
Now you can set the conditions under which the attachments are compressed automatically. as well as select real-time compression requests.

Reduce the chance of overwriting files
Instantly add the send date to the default file name. Quickly and easily identify new investments as well as completely eliminate the human error factor!

Change account in the course of work
No longer need to leave one cloud account to use another. This format allows you to quickly increase productivity as well as reduce downtime.

Instantly share data directly from Microsoft Office.
Squeeze and save documents, spreadsheets as well as presentations from Microsoft Office directly to cloud storage. Encrypt data for extra protection and share files with confidence.

Connect to the powerful capabilities of WinZip
Automatically compress attachments of outgoing messages with industry-leading WinZip file compression technology.

Integration with the free service ZipShare
Courier 9 directly integrates with ZipShare (WinZip file sharing service), automatically downloads the compressed file and adds a link to it in the outgoing e-mail message.

Take advantage of cloud storage
Are your files still too large to send by email? Courier will automatically upload them to one of the connected cloud storages and add a link to them in the outgoing email. Courier works with ZipShare (WinZip file sharing service), Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, CloudMe, SugarSync and MediaFire.

Winzip Courier Registration Code Download

Protect confidential information
Courier offers built-in AES encryption with a 256- or 128-bit key, as well as password protection to ensure the security of your files. The encryption process can be monitored automatically or manually. Courier also erases / deletes temporary files, which ensures the security of attachments of electronic messages.

Easily convert files for easy sharing.
Use the ability to convert files to PDF format directly from Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Winzip Courier Keys provides watermarking and PDF-only read-only options. For the convenience of sharing the size of photos in high resolution can be changed. File conversion can be done simultaneously with compression. In addition, the conversion can be applied to a single uncompressed attachment for instant data transfer.

View attachments
The program allows you to view the contents of the incoming Zip-attachments without first extracting files. To do this, in the preview pane in Microsoft Outlook, simply click on one of the icons in the zip file to expand the list of components. Individual files in the list can be directly opened and edited.

WinZip Courier

Convert files without compression
Converting to PDF, watermarking as well as resizing images are possible even without compressing attachments. You can apply a watermark and resize the image in accordance with the restrictions on the size of files sent by e-mail, without resorting to compression. In this case, the recipient will be able to immediately view the image.

Easily add public links
The program provides the ability to insert links into messages in plain text format in Microsoft Outlook, as well as the function “Edit in HTML” in

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