XMind ZEN 9 Crack (x64) Latest Full Version

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Amazing brainstorming and mind mapping tool. All New: Snowbrush 2.0 Engine. spending three years, we poured our time and energy into XMind: ZEN, revising each single byte completely. Download XMind ZEN latest version from cracks4win as soon as it release from the developer.

What’s New:

  • Dark UI
  • Outliner
  • ZEN Mode
  • Topic Link

Font family & CJK font
Each of our theme provides a set of font families to confirm that your mind maps have similar visual displays on all platforms. CJK fonts will provide you with a backup display when the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters in your mind map aren’t displayed properly.

New features of XMind ZEN

Dark UI
Compare with light interface, dark UI brings you a comfortable way to concentrate on mind mapping, and helps you quickly turn the interface to dark at night time. It adopts a darker color palette for all windows, views, stickers, panels as well as so on.

An outliner in mind mapping is a great way for expression of radiant thinking and an effective way of helping us think about and solve issues.

ZEN Mode
If you want to get good results, ZEN mode permits you only focus on one mind map. This way all your energy will go into it as well as you will accomplish it perfectly.

Topic Informations
There is always a lots of topic info for you to enroll a mind map by adding markers, label, hyperlink, attachments, topic link, notes, and so on.

More Features:

  • hyperlink
  • Audio Note
  • Image
  • Topic Link
  • Attachment
  • Label
  • Notes
  • Stickers

Styles and Themes
We offer the fishbone chart, matrix, timeline, the org chart to enrich your mind maps. numerous branch form like the hexagon, capsule, circle etc. to emphasise your thoughts.

Multi-branch Color
Packed with six cluster of colourful palettes, you’ll choose the right one to decorate your mind map. With a simply click, your whole mind map becomes very organized instantly.

Export and Share
We provide a many ways of export and share, so you can spread your concepts and thoughts along with your friends and colleges, or save them in a correct approach.

Free Download XMind ZEN For Windows PC 64 Bit Operating Systems.

Download Links:

Upload Link / DailyUploads Link / Old Version Download

For MacOSX:UploadShip Link / DailyUploads Link

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5 Responses

  1. Hussard says:


    i don’t understand the instructions…
    Where is the crack ? How can I install it ?

    Thx, Hussard

  2. Banny090 says:

    Is there a way i can find to download this software for mac os? Thanks

  3. aUser says:

    Thanks! If MacOs app doesn’t open with error message ‘App is damaged and can’t be opened’, then such command fixes it:

    xattr -cr X “/Applications/XMind ZEN.app”/

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